Thursday, January 21, 2010

Magnet Picture Holder

So what could you possibly get when you have these items?

A 8x10 picture frame, a piece of sheet metal, black tole paint, and a 2x2 screwed to a 1x4 .

You get this.....

And this is how I did it.

I found the 2x2 and 1x4 already assembled @ the lovely DI for 1.00!
But you could easily cut those pieces out and screw them together! 

Then I painted the stand.....and sanded the edges!

I added this piece to the top.

Next I had to cut the sheet metal down to fit inside the frame.
I used wire snips. (Mr. B's, heavy duty snips)
Then framed the sheet metal.

Then I pin nailed the frame to my base stick.

Add some ribbon, a cute magnet or two, and a picture....

And you have this goody to enjoy!


I had the sheet metal, frame, paint, brush and knob.  I only bought the wood.
Now to find a permanent place to put it!
I could even use it as a recipe holder by my oven too!

Now go make something FABULOUS!!


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  2. I LURVE! I think this should be a give away to the first person who comments! Hey, That's ME!! What do you know?

  3. Ooh, Boogs. I hope you made a lot, because this is one of my favorite things you've done and I WANT one.

  4. Me too Becca...I want one too!!!!! Really bad;)

  5. That is super cute. Now i will have to find out where to get sheet metal =)

  6. Monica...Home depot...they are on sale right now too!
    And Vanessa...I was thinking we could do this maybe next month! I wanted to this month but had a different request already!

  7. Okay you guys are too creative and talented. Super cute stuff on here. I wish I had even an ounce of your creativity.

  8. Bonnie, we must think alike, I just made something similar! :) We really do need to live closer to eachother!! So stinkin' cute, I LOVE!

  9. Bonnie I love all of your cute ideas. I miss living there in Cedar and all the fun crafts you would teach us how to do. I am going to make me a few of these cute ideas-thanks for posting them. -Alyssa


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