Friday, February 12, 2010

Chair Revamp

So I found this drabular piece at the DI for $4.00.
This chair fell out of the Super UG tree.
I   get the shivers looking at it! 

Time for this chair to get a DRAB TO FAB makeover!
 First, I took the seat off.

Got out this spray paint!

 Sprayed the guts of this chair,  a lovely vivid bright cherry red.
 Next gave it a good clear coat to top it off.
(I always clear coat every project like this when I am done painting)

Then I reupholstered the chair with black pleather.
(brought back some flash backs of some bad fashion choices I made in high school)
I was hoping to find a zebra print pleather, but when you live in a small town,
fabric isn't easy to find.
So plain ole' black will have to do!


I stapled the pleather down really tight.
Then screwed it back on!

Still a little too plain.

So I took this vinyl decal....

And added it to the corner of the chair.

 That added just the right amount of Pizazz!

I can't wait to take her out on my next shoot.

A total DrabFabular makeover!

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Have a fantastic day!

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  1. Love it - so cute!! Love the colors!!!!

  2. Hooray, a new post! I have been dying to see it!It is so much better than you discribed! Totally diggen the red! FANTABULOUS!


  3. I love that you added that decale to your seat. It made such a difference in it's looks.


  4. I love this chair! I also love the Fleur-de-Lis accent you've added. What a great accent to the chair's design!

  5. SHUT UP!!!!!! That is amazing! I starting drooling. ooooohhhhh, I seriously love it!

  6. Wow!.. I LOVE the red, and the chair is amazing! Beautiful job!.. Have a great weekend, and a very Happy Valentine's Day! ~tina

  7. Oh my...that chair came out the bright red with the black seat. Thanks for sharing.

  8. this is the first post i have even read and already I'm inspired! I will be back for more :)

  9. this is the first post I have read and Im already inspired! i will be back for more :)

  10. Darling blog! I remember the days when I was only able to get fabric at IGA!

  11. Such a beautiful chair.... I love turning something old and drab into fabulous!
    Great Job!

  12. THANK YOU I've been checking this site every day multiple times....whew and finally something new to envy!!! Soooo jeleous of your skills Bon!!! Go wrestling cheerleaders!!!!!!! lol

  13. I would completely agree with the title of your post!!

  14. Uber cuteness!! Love that you've been drabfabbin this week! Maybe I'll win the couples photo shoot and you can use it then???

  15. The decal really makes this piece, love it!

  16. Love the colors you chose! Looks fantastic!

  17. That came out so much better. Great job. I like the Fleur on the corner rather than centered.

    Saturday is the last day for the give-a-way and then don't forget to stop by for the 3rd week of all new prizes.


  18. What a transformation!!! Love the new color. It really adds a pop of color. Great job :)

  19. i love see potential in ugly furniture! love this!

  20. Nice transformation guys! I love the red color you chose and the fleur de lis! Thanks for linkin' up to Frugalicious Friday!

  21. Your post language cracks me up. Great makeover! I love having you on Creative Cats!!

  22. bonnie you amaze me with everything you do.
    hey, for some reason i can't get onto your family blog any more.

  23. I love a great deal and I especially love a redo! Great Job, thanks for joining the party! Thanks

  24. Love the chair! I totally caught Tom looking at your blog the other night...I had falling asleep next to him on the couch and when I woke up he was surfing through all the projects!

  25. ok-so I think that you girls are FABULOUS! You so inspire me. SO much so I thought I would try my hand at your modge podge books. I would love it if you stopped by to see my rendition! Thanks again-You guys rock!! BTW-i ♥ that you ♥ spray paint!

  26. You three ladies are so creative with your DI makeovers! I've enjoyed browsing through your blog and seeing all of your projects.

  27. You are really smart!!!It looks great. Julia C. from Argentina


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