Thursday, February 25, 2010

Not so Super Fab...but at least it's not too Drab anymore....

SO I KNOW you have all learned...I am pretty much a slacker .Bon and   Han are on top of it's not going to be a surprise when I say that I forgot to take a picture of these jars at first...and didn't remembered till after I was spray painting....???  
I can sense your judging eyes...DON'T JUDGE ME!

I found these Drab bins at the DI.
So 1st you are suppose to take a picture...and THEN spray paint.

Step 2- Sand to your liking....and check out what you've done....

Step 3 Add whatever you want...(for me hair bows, ribbons, elastics, and head bands....)

Step 4...(If you are me) wait till you move in a month to ACTUALLY have counter space so you can display the GOODS!
And not have a drawer full of  a mess!!!!


  1. Alison...these turned out even better than I could have imagined! I am now going to be on the hunt for some of my own to do the same thing with! Great idea as always!

  2. They look really cute now. What a creative way to hold all the hair things. Love this idea.

  3. Love those! anything to help us get organized and still look good is a bonus in my book!!

  4. Hey bloggin buddy! I just awarded you the Kreativ Blogger Award! Check it our here:

    I love your blog and have a link to you from mine-you girls are amazing!!!!

  5. Ali, if anyone is judging you, it's me... out of jealousy. EEEK, These are so stinken cute! We actually have a set at our DI, that I am going to try and snatch up today! I hope they are still there! One of our followers just did something similar, and I thought you might want to check them out.Her name is Adrienne and here is her site,

    P.S. I am in love with the Nickel spray paint, so Unique!

    Lurve, Hanna Banana

  6. This might be a totally inappropriate and oddball question, but are you in IF? I saw some of those at MY DI last week, and knew that they could be something cool, but cheaped out and did not spend the $...But good to know that my Drab/Fab radar is getting stronger!

  7. Love this idea!!! I think I may have to do this one 4 sure!! Would be perfect to put my headband supplies!!

  8. Actually Nature Girl I am In Utah, But My sister is from there, and she saw them there for 15.00, and also cheaped out!
    Thanks for following

  9. i saw those in idaho falls too and even thought, bonnie and her sisters would know how to make these cute!!! funny! i love the idea and you did a beautiful job.

  10. Ali, these are AWESOME! I LOVE the Nickel color you chose. How wonderful!

    Hanna, I'm so blushing! I was scrolling down to comment and I happened to see my blog address. I was like "huh?"! LOL! I'm honored that you think these are good enough to tell your wonderful sis!

  11. fabulous as always! Great idea. I have 3 girlies that live at my house, so the hair supplies are everywhere here! Thanks for the idea!

  12. with three girls-and maybe another to join them-I am definitely loving this idea and hope to find something similar at yard sales this spring!!

  13. Im kicking myself b/c before I got into blogging I HAD THESE! I thought they were so ugly but I was never inspired to do anything with them back then so off to the donation store they went! If I ever see any again, you can bet your bippies I'll be snatching them up. Now theyd be great for organizing my sewing studio!


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