Monday, September 13, 2010

For the love of Vases

Yes! I will admit that I have a slight OBSESSION, to put it lightly, with vases.
I love all shapes and sizes. 
I seem to have too many just piled up in my "gonna do something with this someday bin".
So you can imagine when  my son came home with this for my Mothers Day present I literally teared up. 
His little 7 year old hands made it all by himself!  Oh, I just love it!
I finally got around to putting it up. I painted it several different times until I decided on black! (Shocker! I know! But hey I LURVE black!)

And I have the perfect spot to display it!  
My favorite vase ever!!
{ Bon }


  1. Ahhh, how sweet. How could you not love something made by precious little hands.
    I love the black and it looks great on your mantle.


  2. What an amazing gift. It looks beautiful sitting on the mantel. My son painted a vase for me and I treasure it as you do yours!!!

  3. What a great gift - love those handmade items. I'm sure you'll cherish it.


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