Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Do it yourself TREE DECOR!!!

So, this has four D to F ideas all wrapped up into one.  Each are do it yourself Ideas for your Christmas Tree.

#1:  Break down a wreath and use individual pieces as decoration.  
#2: Cereal Box Stars  
#3: Scrabble words
#4: Bird Nest Topper

Got a wreath made up of these sprigs all woven together for $2 at the D.I. This is what it looks like broken down to it's most basic piece.
I used most of the wreath for my Pot Rack about two years back but still had a bag full of  extras!

Remember these?  Look back at THIS post for instructions! It seemed too plain.  I wanted it to POP!!!
After you've made these stars, grab some Elmers Spray Ahesive & A large jar of clear glitter from JoAnnes!

Spray your star, cover in glittler.  Shake off Excess and VIOLA!  (WARNING: the spray adhesive is very tacky  so make sure you lay something under the product you are spraying.  Especially because it has a lot of overspray!)

So Glittery!!!

Scrabble Decor.  Super Simple.
#1: Lay out your letters
#2 Hot Glue them Together
#3 Hot glue a piece of twine for your hanger
#4- Hot glue a piece of ribbon over twine on back (see pic below)

Adding the ribbon strip guarantees that if your scrabble ornament happens to break,  no pieces will be lost!!!

Bird next for top of my tree.  It was actually a wicker ball that I shaped into a nest.  Sprayed it with spray adhesive and rolled it around in the left over glitter from my stars from above.   Added a little bird that was on a random piece of holiday decor I already owned.

Had to show you this super cute tree skirt my amazing friend Briana MADE!  She gave it to me last year as a Christmas Present (Seriously?  I was in heaven!!!)

Finished Tree. It was fun to drape my bead garland from the top instead of wrapping it around the tree!!!  The tree is still pretty bare, but it's the first year I've made my own decor, and it was super inexpensive.  Most of the items I already had lying around the house.

Speaking of D.I... if you wanna see us sisters find a bargain, check out our D.I. blog HERE!!!
Hope this helped get your creative juices flowing to make your tree one of a kind!

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  1. Oh katty...the glitter over the start is dickety divine!


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