Saturday, February 20, 2010

This "Lady" has Curves

So I have had this beauty for over a month now.
I payed $8.00.
Which, for me, is high.
( I know total tight wad right?)
But I loved the high back and fell in love instantly.

She has great lines and curves.
(I kept having the "sheer energy legs" song going through my mind)
 Double bonus... the seat is in perfect condition so I am keeping it the same.

So first I disassembled the seat.
Then I got this spray paint...

(oh I heart this color)
And gave her two coats.
I used one and a half cans.

Next, I sanded the edges. 
I wanted a antiqued feel to this chair!
 Then I applied some ebony stain over top.
I let it set for only a minute and then wiped it down!

 (Loving it)

Then applied a clear coat for protection over top of my painted beauty!

Next, I had to cut out this piece of wood and paint it.....

Cause the back of my chair was coming out, right here....

I debated whether or not to just tear out this backing. But I love it so I thought of another easy fix.

I pin nailed the board behind, like so...

Then I bought this piece....

 Painted it black and pin nailed that in.

 It really makes that back bone pop!
And now she is ready for her debut....
Work it girl....

And I already got to try it out on my last session!

Two chairs down...only like ten more to go.
But for now I think I will start on  some chest-of-drawers that have been calling my name!
Hope this weather holds out!

Have a fabulous day you crafty ladies!
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  1. BONNIE!!!! I am totally braggin about my sisters at work and then this chair popped up to add the their AMAZEMENT!!! They LURVE our blog...Super Cute!


  2. You are going to get featured for sure. So, So Cute! I want it!


  3. That chair is so sweet! I love the pink and black! great job!

  4. Cute! Clever way to disguise the minor flaw - it really adds charm to the chair.

  5. What a clever way to hide the broken part! I love this and the color is awesome!

  6. You inspire me more and more with each post! I love your color choices!

  7. I seriously need to go shopping with you!!! This chair is gorg!

  8. That color is amazing! I love how you fixed the chair and gave it new life! Great!

  9. Wow it turned out gorgeous. I love the addition on the back of it. Totally pulls it all together.

  10. So daughter would love that for her dorm room!!!

  11. This is such a fun revamp, and the bright color you chose is so pretty! That last picture you posted with the little baby...adorable! Thanks for sharing and linkin' up to FF!

  12. Boogs, I ooooways love your posts and designs, except you don't need ten different pictures of the finished product at the end. Just one or two.

    It really does look fabulous--and I admit, that wrought iron thingy is what finishes it up perfectly.

    Oh no you ditn't say "curves and lines."

  13. Cool. :) And I must say, your amazing photos dragged me in hook line and sinker! WOW! WOW! Did I say wow?

    Thanks for linking up to SNS!
    FJ Donna

  14. OMG beautiful chair. Gorgeous. And I love love what you did with it...
    I love pink and black together. That little black detailing that you used was great! Of course the picture with the little one is so ADORABLE!

  15. Oh that is darling! I love it for photos. Really makes a statement.

  16. What a cool makeover! It looks awesome hot pink! I love the black as well. That pic outside is adorable! Thanks for linking to Creative Cats!

  17. I have to admit..I was skeptical when I saw that first pic, but I love the end result. Fab!

  18. I have three daughters and I LOVE pink... I am going to do this with an old chair on my back porch... Thanks for the inspiration. I will post pictures...

  19. I really LOVE this transformation!! You are one great photographer too!!

    Thank you for the step by steps and inspiration!!!

  20. Great transformation! The chair looks so cool!..Christine

  21. We picked you to feature at Lucky Star Lane! Congrats!

  22. What a wonderful piece of furniture! I adore the color.

    I hope you will stop by my blog and enter my giveaway.

  23. I didn't think this chair could get more fab until I saw the pic of the beautiful model posing in it! She totally stole the chair's shine..totally :o)

  24. great job! Love that you were able to fix it up!

  25. Ok so I didn't know where to really put this comment but I have to be honest with myself as well as others so they know EXACTLY who I am...after the contest results I was just like my 8 year old daughter throwing a fit vowing to NEVER look at the site again actually maybe even worse than 8 lol but I SERIOUSLY thought "who in the entire world could've advertised more for this site than me" YES I am DEAD serious ROFL but I SOOOOOO wanted to win some cute stuff and though I vowed to NEVER look again I think it was like maybe 4 hours hahahahahah yes I am CRAZY but my name is Head Case Dutton for a reason LOL love you girls!!!!

  26. Ha! I'm a tight wad, too. :) It's a cool chair and the hot pink is very fun. You really showed boldness and creativity, here. Nice work!

  27. Where do you find the ebony stain you are talking about?? love this chair!!

  28. I loveeee your blog, I just got into the world of blogging and all of these DIY projects!! Can you please tell me where you got the ebony stain for the pink and black chair??? Thanks and will continue looking on your blog daily!!!


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