Monday, November 2, 2009

Easy Wood Projects


My talented sisiter Hanna made me some crafts we could do while I was there. Unfortunately, there was no time to do them. So I brought them home and painted, sanded, and added things to them. I just had to paint the picture frame and sand it down. It stands beautifully but I have no room for that big of a frame to stand so I added a backer and ribbon and turned it into a wall frame!

I have had the idea for a while to do a Sepia picture of my kiddos feet. The frame was perfect for that idea!! I added the words "Lead me, Guide Me, Walk Beside Me" under their toes, on the picture.

The other craft she made me was a ladder, my sister Alison designed. Hanna was so nice to make me one and have it all assembled for me. I added some nice vintage knobs and handles and bought dollar store frames and mod-podged paper over them. (Thanks for the idea Han) I still don't have the top left picture in yet. But it will be of Beau and I. It added that extra flare my downstairs needed!

It is so nice to have such creative sisters!


  1. I love your blog! I just came upon it today, but think it is so cool. I think I am creative, but I know I don't have your eye or eyes for seeing potential in things. When you go to DI to buy things you can makeover, what sort of things do you look for?

  2. I would love more detail on how to make that frame. (the one with your kids feet) What kind of wood is it? I am also interested in how you made an entry way table. Love it!! More details please. Thanks

  3. I also would love details on how to make that frame! Love it! Thanks!


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