Thursday, December 17, 2009

My How the Tables Turn

So just a few weeks ago I was at my sisters house having breakfast and she had one of those really cool twirly things in the center of her table. Ya know, the table turner thingy. She had all the syrup, butter, and toppings for the pancakes on it. It was then and there I told my self..."self you need one of these thingies too."

Well lo and behold, I found one at the local DI! And it was only $1.00. The only problem was it looked like this!

Blah on the bottom!

And totally wretchid on the top!
This puke green color actually worked for someone?

So with a coat of paint......or two ....

Some sanding and touch ups....

Table spinner now my style!

Now to use it!

Happy Re-Crafting everyone!


  1. this looks GREAT! i have been on the look out for a lazy suzan for some time now. i hope to score like you did VERY soon. :)

  2. I laughed when you wrote "self, you need one of those thingies."

    It does look MUCH better, Boogity!


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