Sunday, January 31, 2010

Applique Onesies

My TrUesT just had her first baby, and I wanted to surprise her with something extra special...
for her little Miayah. So I WHIPPED up some holiday long-sleeved Onesies...

First... pick through your material scraps (or get some) to find what you are looking for.
2nd...iron fabric pieces to "Wonder Under" (then cut out desired shape) 
ThiRd...iron shape to Onesie, and sew around the edges.

The thing to remember is to lay out the pieces how you desire them, AND then iron each piece separately and sew. This way they lay right and you have the dimensions that look SUpEr CuTE!

I added some extra LOVE to this one with an arrow that goes through the heart and then some ribbons, knotted and sewn. 
PERFECT for Valentines Day!

On to March 17th and a cute Leprechaun...I like to call Lucky!

Do you think she'll like???

WHAT do you think?

Order yours now and have it for that cute kid on V-Day... send me an email!
~$10 for 0-12 months (long-sleeved Onesies)
~$12 for 1-5 years old...on a cute tee.!


  1. So cute Al. What a perfect idea!

  2. I Love these! I have a bunch of prego friends that I need to do something for, and these are PERFECT! Thanks Al!


  3. Such a unique way to make use of an ordinary onesie. Thank you so much for sharing with the rest of us. You girls sure have a fun blog.


  4. Wow, I love these! I love this blog! You sisters are so talented!

    Thanks, Michelle

  5. I think she'll it, they are too cute !

  6. I do love them!! They are so stinkin adorable!! Cant wait to put little MT in them:-D Thanks friend you are the best I love them!!

  7. LOVE the leprechaun design. Totally cute!


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