Saturday, January 30, 2010

Silk Flower Power

I have been wanting to make silk flower pieces for awhile now!
 Ever since my friend, April, was sporting one on a headband in her hair. I had barely met her through our craft night, so obviously I was hesitant to ask her how she did it. ! I was afraid she would horde her secrets. But she totally didn't and told me what fabric she used  and how she just burnt the edges.
I should've asked for specifics, but just decided to make it up as I went along. I have been working on my own version of these but you can find lots of sites online that show you how to do it!
Linda over at Craftaholics Anonymous even  posted a tutorial! Sweet!

(we just folded our fabric and cut out a circle. Do this several times so you have a few to layer. . I stitched some in the middle, and some I just added a brad. Just whatev!)

There are so many ways you can use these, and this is what we came up with...


I dug through my own DI bin and pulled out a shirt to Re-fashion
Just simply adding two for these flowers totally changed this!


 hippie bands...

And we also had the idea to attached them to a necklace.
I had a necklace I had made out of sheer zebra fabric awhile back, but it never looked quite right.
Now it does....



This pearl necklace was in my daughters dress up bucket! I used beads from brocken necklaces, and just hot glued them to the center of each flower.

and a bracelet....

It is amazing what some fabric, a lighter, and a brad or two can do.
Isn't it?
We Can't wait to make some more, you should try it too!



  1. Okay, Coon ladies - you guys need to SELL this stuff. I do not have the foggiest how to burn edges but I want one of those hippy headbands. I want four of them. I LOOOOOOOVE them.

    Also, have you thought about running ads on this blog? I guess that's a personal thing, but I think you have the potential for a lot of traffic! Oh, did I not introduce myself? I'm Becca's darling Texas friend Erin, and she can vouch that I am sort of really smart about stuff like that. Or at least I'm smart about what I like.

    No, I could never pull off that tank top but my daughter would dig it 100x over. I suppose I could get serious about planning a trip to see Ms. Bex & then make her invite all y'all over for some frantic flower making.

    But I'm being serious. Any thoughts of attaching price tags to your gorgfab goodies?

  2. Also, in addition to wanting one of those hippy headbands, I would like to look like Hanna. Is that possible?


  3. Thanks for letting me do these with you Bon! Also, thank you April, for the inspiration! I have been making more this morning!


  4. Erin, you are so sweet! We wouldn't even know how to run adds on our blog, but would definetly consider it! Becca has always told us that you are the smartest person she knows, so we could use your help!
    Oh, and we would love, love, for you to come and visit Bec! We could have the ultimate, flower power weekend. Start planning your trip!

    As for looking like me Erin, too sweet, but that is the magic a digital camera holds. You can just delete the wretched pics. Plus I took it on my good side. I have a huge zit on the other one. Teehee!


  5. I love the hippy head bands. Well actually I love it all, but I must have one of those head bands.

    I need a mess of these for everything, hair, clothes, necklaces, heck I might even put them on pillows and napkins just because.

    Thanks for showing this, now I have some serious envy, I may have to try this out.

  6. total gorg. I agree with selling them. I would love to purchase a few Bon!

  7. If you go to settings on your blog dashboard, there is a Google Sense thing-a-ma-bob. I think that if you click on it, it gives you info on ads ... just a thought. This site has potential! I thought I never needed anything beyond Goodies to D.I. For, but I'm lovin' this one too!

  8. WOW! Those are so cool! I am loving the added bling they add to everything! : )

  9. One of my new favorite blogs. I am surely adding you gals to my blog list.


  10. Bonnie, once again amazing! I love these!

  11. I really love the flower.. can be used so many ways.... good job!

  12. Bonnie these turned out great!!! You really went to town with them! What great ideas for uses too. They are so fun to make aren't they?! I have been making clips out of them and headbands with multiple flowers of varying sizes too. SO much fun and Super hip and cute! I will have to show you my fabric frayed edges ones too. I think you will likey! :)

  13. Will be making these this weekend! Can't freakin' wait!


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