Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Zipper Flowers

We LOVED these when we saw them.
We had to have our own zipper flowers!
The best thing is the versatility!

You can click here at Craftaholics Anonymous for instructions, we did!


Hair pieces....

And even a broach...

All from a simple drab zipper.
Now it is totally Fab and wonderful!
 Now off to make more in all colors!
Happy Crafting!


  1. I love how different and unique this is! You guys should get together more often, because you are blowing me away. I'm only jealous I wasn't there for all the fun!
    Love you like a fat kid loves cake!hahaha!

  2. Love this, and will have to look through my zipper stash now! I am now a follower, as this is my first time to your place, and I have not been able to pry myself away for the past half hour (at LEAST!).. Love your Mark Twain quote at the bottom right of your blog-sidebar, too! Looking forward to visiting again! ~tina

  3. I saw this post too and I LOVED IT! So simple and so fabulous!

  4. Hi girls! So glad you liked {and used!} my Zipper Flower Tutorial! All of your flowers look so fab. Zippers are so fun.

    Hey and thanks for the linkage. But don't forget to use my blog name when you're linking back instead of "this link" or "click here" etc. :)
    Thanks guys!
    happy crafting!

  5. Bon you are AWESOME!!! I am so JELLLous!!! love your flowers AND everything else!!! Love your guts!!


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