Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another Lamp

Sorry I am in "lamp mode".
But might as well get a few done while I am in the mood.
I am sure the "Mr. B" appreciates me doing something with the lamps I seem to be collecting!

Got this wretched goodness at DI for $1.00.
Total STEAL!

I tore that wretched pleated-ness off the lamp shade!
I also spray painted the base of the lamp with black spray paint!

Covered it with this rich gold-y yellow fabric!
Then added some lining!

Added some accessories!

And lamp is ready for her photo shoot!


So much better!
I did run out of fabric will eventually have to redo the inside.
But for now it totally works!
Happy Wednesday!
Go make something FAB!


  1. That looks way better! I would have never thought to spry paint the glass, GORG!

  2. I LOVE when you sweet sisters post! Thanks for all the ideas, I'm loving the zipper flowers, and Hanna's die for! CUTE CUTE girls!

  3. Love the lamp. I am totally in lamp mode now too, I want to redo every lamp in my house. J just rolls his eyes at me like I am a crazy woman!

  4. I can't wait to be in my house... I am going to need at least 1 if not 2 lamps for each room. So I best be getting my search on for ugly and wretched. :O) Loves

  5. Great makeover...and I love the word WRETCHED *chuckle*!

    I wish our DI (Op shops) down here in Australia were as cheap!

    Anywho who loving the lamp....

  6. ummm so you girls are seriously amazing.. i honestly started to drool a little i think. (i know totally embarrassing) but really, I love ALL these ideas. Heaven knows I need more fab around my house. Thanks for giving me some fab ideas :) Im a follower now and will totally be promoting you on my blog...if that's ok :)

  7. Lurve this one! Can't wait to see the other one you were working on today when it is finished. I need to spend a couple of days at home so that I can get some of these projects done. ;)

  8. Love the finger nail polish! Mine looks about the same! :) Cute cute... my project list is far tooo long, although I'm pleased to say my scrapbooking is 9 pages to being caught up to this very day! I'M SUPER ExCiTeD!


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