Monday, March 1, 2010

Dainty and Sweet

I love lamps!
I know I have said it a gazillion times, but it is true.
I  like the lamp in my little girls room, but have wanted something a tad more dainty, feminine, and tall. 

Current Lamp....
(A little small)

So you could imagine my delight when I found this ditty at the thrift store for $4.00.
(That's right....I did a little "$4 holla dance" right there at the store.
I know what you are thinking "Oh no you didn't!" But OH YES I DID!)

 So I took this hunk of goldy yellow and glammed it up using these two paints.
I just mixed the two for a soft sweet pink.

 I then applied a  light coat...

And then sanded the edges.

I like the gold showing through.
It makes for a more antiqued feel.

Now it is ready to display!


I also found this old vintage pitcher and basin for $1.00.
Isn't it sweet?

And I made a few more modpodge books for my little girls room.
(If you missed the tutorial go here)

Now just one more accessory, and the end table looks perfect! 


A perfect lamp and small end table change!
I am loving the tall lamp!


  1. I love how the new lamp turned out. Very pretty color.

    If you have time you might go by my blog and enter the fab giveaway I'm having. It is to celebrate my new Etsy store Grand Opening. Good luck!

  2. GORGEOUS!! Love it in pink! And wow, 4$, gotta love that!
    Your books are gorgeous as well!

  3. Nice job! I saw a similiar lamp at Goodwill yesterday. The only problem was someone else was carrying it and I wasn't in the mood to wrestle her for it.

  4. Ha quedado genial. Chicas por favor poned el traductor de idiomas. Gracias.

  5. Super cute Bon but that would SO not last in Bayti's room I swear it's like tornado land in there!!! But I LOVVVVE the lamp it's cute enough to have a genie (sp?)

  6. What a find! The room looks darling. I love those colors. Cute!

  7. simply gorg....I love the new books too. You don't even know how excited I get when I log on and see a new project!!

  8. LOVE the lamp! I found you by linking up with reinvented....I'm in LOVE with the covered books--wanted to do this already and I'm getting started-NOW! new follower, too!

  9. Hi Bon,
    That's very cute, bet your little girl loves it! Great job.
    Stop by sometime for a visit!
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  10. I love the lamp & how the gold peaks through! Oooh and her bed & bedding..FAB. The pitcher for $1...get out of here!

  11. Oh Bon, I love all of the pink! "Pink is my signature color"! The shades of Blush and Bashful should be paraded around like they are a holiday! Love the way the books turned out, and it has motivated me to get mine done!

  12. I Love your lamp and I L-O-V-E your books!! I made some today!! I can't wait to do a blog post abouut them and link up to you! You are so very, very clever!

  13. I love your lamp and I L-O-V-E your books!! I felt so inspired I made some today!! I can't wait to post them and link up to you! You have the greatest ideas!!

  14. What thrift stores are you shopping at?? I never find anything good!

  15. Love your new...old lamp! It's pink and sweet, but still a little that! I hope you'll link up to FF tomorrow! It's always fun when Drab to Fab joins the party!

  16. darling! I love the pitcher.I can't believe you got that for such a steal. yes-I am jelous! I went to the di the other day and they had a set very similar to yours-20 bucks! Now, I am way to cheap to pay that! I love the lamp! You have inspired me-as always. Can't wait to see what your next project will be!

  17. I love the new lamp! Very girly! I also love the books too...too cute!

  18. You gotta love Goodwill. Nice job on the lamp. Your little girls room is very sweet.

  19. What a cute little princess lamp! LOTS of adorable details. Lezlee

  20. $4 dolla holla? LOVE IT! This transformation is inspiring. Love those modgepodge books too!

  21. What a wonderful mom to create such a perfect space for her darling! Absolutely love it! Even more fun for the $4 cost. Thanks for posting... next on my list is to check out the modge podge books. :)


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