Saturday, March 27, 2010


I lurve when I find sensational deals.
Awhile back I found two sheer panels for .50 cents each and hung them in my room. Although I liked them....I still needed two more. Then last week when I went thrifting, look what I found.

Brand new Sheer curtains. The exact same size as the other ones!

Oh yeah BABY! 
(Another wacky dance from yours truly in the store.
I am sure the DI workers think I am on drugs!) 

So after a total of $7.00 I went from semi plain window.....
to not so plain window!

I LURVE the sheer!
It was just the right amount of pop to my bedroom!


  1. i found awesome, over 60% off, curtains for the renovation of my little sisters room..i was SO excited as well bc they were THE perfect color!!!

  2. I can't believe that little thing made such a big difference. Gotta love thrifting. Makes you feel sooo great to get a deal and have it turn out perfect.
    Good Job,

  3. What a perfect finish for the windows. Love the curtain rod too. I still want to see the D.I. dance someday.

  4. Sheer curtains are the best! Congrats on your fab find for so cheap!

  5. very lovely and simple:) I like the sheer too


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