Monday, March 22, 2010

Don't Be a HATER!

Ladies...we wanted to apologize for leavin' you hanging.  We have all been wretchedly busy. 

I have to go to the library to use the computer, and we have just been caught up with "kids, husband, SCHOOL, work, cleaning, and CRAZY-whatever land."  
We will  be back soon with some more delightful goodies  
Thanks for being followers!



  1. We know all about the time element. Just get back as soon as you can. We'll be here.
    Get well!

  2. Please HURRY! I might have to go on medication to combat the anxiety! (insert nervous twitching) Just kidding. I will be patient.

  3. No hatin', just waitin'! Hope to see more fab posts soon!

  4. Oh, you've been gone? I hadn't really noticed. It's not like I check for updates daily or anything. It's not like I've been dragging my feet and hanging my head in a gray gloom for days. But you know, if you DO get time to update, I suppose I'd be interested...we'll just have to see.

    (these words are dripping in sarcasm in case you couldn't tell, I've been missing you!)


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