Thursday, May 27, 2010

Inexpensive Baby Shower Idea..


It is amazing what you can do with some vinyl, balloons & some old Cd's. I threw a baby shower for my cousin, and she wanted everything Robot. I myself am a robot enthusiast, so I couldn't have been more excited! I looked for some silver disco balls everywhere, to hang above the table but my sister gave me the idea to use Cd's instead! CLEVER and INEXPENSIVE! I think I had over three 98 degree Cd's. Sad but true, I was a HUGE boy band fan! I still don't think I am over my whole JT crush! What a Heart Throb!


These Robot stickers come with six on each sheet at the dollar store! Just back them with some card stock and attach the Info!

 The MENU..

ROBO FLOATS ( root bear floats)
NUTS & BOLTS ( Chex mix & Peanuts)

I personalized everything with baby Coopers name in Vinyl. Oh so Cheap!

I wish I would have put the balloons behind the table for pictures, but the rest of the room was filled with Silver, orange, lime green, & white balloons!

I also strung the extra invites and hung them above the bay window, and over my entertainment center.

I even let my kids help by decorating our baby gifts to look like a Robot. We used it to let people know where the gifts go.

I even let my kids help by decorating our baby gifts to look like a Robot. We used it to let people know where the gifts go.

 I forgot to take pictures, but my cousin is sending some so check back. I had robot onesies made with cooper on the butt, and also I made some cute robot wipe cases to match.

The GAMES we played:

To go along with the robot theme, we played all A-BOT mom. It was a questionnaire all about the mother to Be's pregnancy. Then we played a Baby Bot diaper game. I numbered diapers filled with various items that had to do with robots, like Nuts, Bolts, screw drivers, tape measure, etc. The guests had to guess what was in the diaper by feeling it for 30 seconds. It was so much fun that I think I might throw a Robot themed Birthday party for my son!


  1. What a cute idea! I'm way jealous of your creative gene in your family!

  2. I do love love love this idea. I giggled when I got on and saw you did the shower and I wanted to upload Benson's name and robot themed I LOVE ROBOTS too!

  3. I was so excited when I saw this! I bought those same vinyl stickers from the dollar store to put in my little boys' room. It is still a work in progress because it is hard to come up with robot ideas. I'll have to send pix when I am done!

  4. how clever! You were so creative with everything, I love it! I'm throwing two showers this summer for some friends of mine who are brides-to-be... so I love looking at others' ideas of creative decorations, food, etc. =)

  5. Hi, can I ask where you got the name stickers for the cups? I'm looking to do something similar and love the ones you have! Thanks!


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