Monday, June 7, 2010

FAB summer "I'm BORED" busters

As I have been going NUTS ALREADY with the "what is there to do's.....I'm BORED...etc"  I decided to google and find some fun and creative ways to get my kids OUT and ACTIVE!  I have come across some FABULOUS Blogs with the perfect ideas...

I fell in LOVE with the Blog from the second I entered. I am all about lists and organization and cleanliness.

The "sisters stuff" ALWAYS has fun ideas and creativity way for mom's to stay happy, but I wanted to share there list of 100 things to do with the kids this summer

I think we ALL love Tip Junkie and all of her FABULOUS tips.... :O) She rocks on SO many levels!

When we were kids if we said we were bored our mom gave us a chore. So I am currently working on a "I'm Bored" jar and if they say I'm Bored they have to pick a chore...which will NOT be a fun chore...such as
-picking up dog poop...weeding...things kids REALLY don't want to do...I think they'll get the point after having to pick something to do out of that jar.

But I made this poster that is going to hang right by my back door with 24 fun things the kids can do ALL by thenselves...(which the rule is they have to do it for a half hour before they ask to do something else....

Hope you like and have MANY ways to keep kids happy and entertained this summer.... 


  1. I love your poster! Such great ideas. I also love that they are things they can do to entertain themselves. I'm always looking for ways to teach my kids independence and if I can make it fun for them, even better!

  2. Thanks for the link love and shout out! ((high fives))

  3. Thanks for sharing! My kids get out next week and I'm already anticipating the "I'm boreds"! Love the idea of the "bored jar" and the poster with ideas for how to spend their time.

  4. I love it!!! such awesome inspiration and artistic "no more i'm bored" chart!!!

  5. i love this and can't wait to make one of my own!

  6. What is hot lava? That sounds dangerous . . .

  7. Awesome idea! My kids get out next week and we are SO going to make a sign!

  8. Love your chart! Just need to find out what the following are:
    hot lava
    hot cold
    animal guessing game
    hat card toss

  9. Fabulous idea!!! I plan to steal this one for my two kids. One question---What is HOT LAVA? Thanks for such a great mama-sanity saving idea.

  10. hot lava- is when they use pillows to make a path and everything else is Hot Lava (their made up game)
    Hot/Cold one kid hises something and then the other kids come in and the closer they get you say hot and the farther away you are you are cold...
    Animal Guessing Game-they pretend to be an animal while the other kids's FUNNY!
    Hat card toss- give them a deck of cards and let them toss them into the hat!



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