Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just another Chair Revamp...

I get absolutely GIDDY over a good chair find. This fabulous find was only $6.00 at our DI. It is so hard to find anything under $10.00 anymore, so I was elated to find such a treasure! Seriously though, DI's prices are sky rocketing, and IT MAKES ME FUME! Does anyone else feel that the prices are ReDIC?
I had a photo shoot that day, and needed to find a piece of furniture to complete the look I was going for. When my eagle eye spotted this beaut, I was immediately thinking of the possibilities! If I painted it black, I could change the seat cover as many times as I wanted for different photo shoots. "Totally Brill" right? 

I actually thought it wasn't too DRAB before, but it needed to be updated!

1st I took off the seat, and spray painted it black!

After a few coats, and while it was drying, I cut my fabric for my new seat cover. Then i stapled it in place!

When the seat was dry, I screwed it back in place and .....VIOLA..... A new an updated chair!

I ♥ the transformation, and can't wait to use this chair again and again!
Here are some pics of the shoot! You can view More HERE!

Now it's your turn to go out and find something FABULOUS!



  1. Oh my what a sweet and beautiful baby. She was so cooperative she must be a natural! Oh yea, the chair turn out great!

  2. Total Gorg my friend!! And I'm with you on the prices of things that were donated to them.

  3. great makeover! kisses

  4. Oh, I wish I had a project in the works! So far they are still in my head! Beautiful transformation!

  5. I just wanted to comment and agree that the D.I. prices are crazy!!! My sister and I typically go to the D.I. and thrift stores each week, and today as we were thrifting I made the exact same comment to her that the prices were ridiculous. We left without buying a single thing....which NEVER happens. I love your blog and all your great ideas. Thanks!!!

  6. That is so stinking beautiful! (this is Jenn Shaw as in Jenn Stucki BTW) I found a really great chair with a cushion a few months ago and am still trying to decide what to do with it. What kind of fabric is safe to use for the recover?

  7. Any fabric will work really. I loke thicker more durable fabric, but I usually just choose a color scheme I like and forget about the fabric quality!


  8. Have you been shopping at the Provo, UT DI lately? The prices are making me crazy. Hate to say it but whoever does the pricing needs to be fired. I did manage to find a dining chair for $3 but that seriously never happens.


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