Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Brown Paper Packages Tied up with Strings....

Just FYI, I will be posting each new project in the evenings because my days are so crazy! Here goes Day two of our Countdown!

       Doesn't this post title make you want to snuggle up in your Christmas p.j.s,  and watch The Sound of Music? " The Hills Are Alive"! Teehee!
 This project is great for those last minute gifts, when you are all out of paper, or you just don't want corny penguins that SCREAM "this gift is meant for a child"! Don't get me wrong, the penguins are my kids favorites too, but they sometimes just don't do the trick! I love making my gifts unique by using various papers around my house, and I love dressing them up with little cards, bells, jute, hemp, yarn, and other silly Doodads I find! These gifts are just a few of the many ways you can personalize your gift and make it special!

I used Roberts Brown paper bags, (Is any one else more than bummed that Roberts is gone?:( ) Butcher paper, and newspaper. I have also used old Piano music as wrapping paper, (which is one of my absolute Faves), and old pages torn out of damaged books. They all make for Great Wrapping paper!

Here is what You get!

I used the car section of the paper for my young brother in laws gift!

Green Yarn did the trick on this package. I also used stickers to personalize it!

A Cute little Tag made this Package pop!

I love to use bells around this time of year. Anywhere you can add them, DO!

Love Butcher paper, and I use it a ton. It is fun to let your kids decorate it for a birthday party gift, or a teacher gift. Sorry my kids are already in bed, or I would have had them draw on it :)! I love that it can make a card and wrapping paper all in one!~

Aren't these so much more unique than those cheesy cartoon characters?!
Don't you love my dried apple blossom branches, decked out for the holidays! Tis the Season, Right?!


Hope you have been inspired, and that you come see us tomorrow night!


  1. I am a huge fan of butcher paper myself! I bought giant sparkly poinsettias and attached it with ribbon! I also like to use dried apples and cinnamon sticks to tie up a package!! Maybe I will take pictures and add it!

  2. So, I just nominated you for the stylish blogger award, because I think you and your blog are awesome!

    Come check it out on my blog!


  3. Oh Nichelle, you totally rock girl! Thank you so much, it means so much to us! We love your blog, and will def. be paying this award forward. do you mind if we do it at the first of next week? Thanks so much!

    Hanna @ Drab 2 Fab


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