Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ode to Black Spray Paint....YOU....are the LURVE of my Life!!!

So as most of your know...we ALL like Spray Paint! Today it's all about BLACK!!!!
I have these CHIN-SEE Gold...WRETCHED Ceiling Fans...I H.A.T.E....HATE!!!! (I spell it out for ADDED emphasis)

So I enlisted the help of my handy-man neighbor...since I DO NOT DO ELECTRICAL (and I was TOO impatient to wait for my husband to get home)
He took them down, I CLEANED them off, and took them outside to be spray painted

I ended up having to cover them 5 times...(in a span of 4 hours)

Then my HUBBY got home and I put him to work to put them back up

AND...VAAAAW-LA....I LURVE THEM!!!!  Don't you?
I can actually REALLY enjoy my family room! It's amazing what 2 cans of spray paint can make 1 girl SO happy!


  1. So much better!! We have two horrible brass fans hanging in the living room and new dining room as well. I wish spray paint could fix ours though hahaha. They have these awful light up "fishbowls" right above the other lights though. Blech!!

  2. Looks great! I didn't know you could even paint ceiling fans. Next on my to do list.

  3. They really turned out beautiful! I did my ceiling fan the same way with the oil rubbed bronze and have never looked back! You did good girl!

  4. Wow, that really did make a difference. I love the end result!

  5. Love the new entertainment center too!

  6. I so neeed to do that in my bedroom ali! Great idea!

  7. Great job! Luckily (?) our ceilings are too low to have any fans in them anyway. I fixed our front outdoor lamp with black spray paint!

  8. Great job! What a difference. I am thinking of pulling together my mismatched, out-dated MBR furniture with black paint, or maybe green-so-dark-that-you-think-it-is-black.


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