Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Another Color Transformation

I will apologize for sharing all my small projects. it seems like these days that is all I have time for. But I do PROMISE I am working on some big projects. They just take some time.
But for now here is a quick spray paint transformation.

I have been loving the simplicity of white lately........GASP....I know....SHOCKER!
I still LURVE me some blickety black, but white is so elegant and clean too!

Remember this antique window ?
It was from my Great Grandmothers house. I kept the  original color 'cause it matched.

But I have been wanting to change it and make it fresh and clean.

With a little of this action.....
I got this!
And one fresh looking window on my wall!
Next a beautiful fabric wreath!
But for is my quick redo!


  1. I've been the same way with white! I just finished going around my entire house and painting all the trim and door facings white! I love it much better and it looks so clean!

  2. i love old windows i have 3 in my house:) Thats neat yours is from your grandma:) I love the border you have...i just might do that in my girls rooms!


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