Friday, April 29, 2011

Adding Character to the ENTRYWAY..

I have always looked to my sisters to help me decorate, but i figured it is time to take matters into my own hands and make it my space. So here it goes, personalizing my home, one space at a time!
  This blasted entry way was so unwelcoming to me. It was down right bothersome. 
I live in a split entry home, and the entry leaves little to NO room to make it inviting. 
Forgive my camera and photography skills, they are not profesh.

Here is the wretched before~
Found a bunch of random thrift store frames!
 Paint the frames the desired colors you want. I chose turquoise, red, mustard yellow and black. 
And i turned one frame into a chalk board.
 All painted and found the layout i liked!
Found this Garage sale goody for 2 dolla!
" Dolla dolla bill yo!"

I made legs for it out of a 4x4 cut in two and screwed into the bottom of this gorg fab good.
Next I added Knickity knobs and did another coat of paint and distressed the crap out of it!
Finally i mod podged some cute turquoise paper on the inside, to finish my look! 

Added pics, kids art to personalize the space!
The finished RESULT! Sweet nancy drew she looks cute!
I wish you could see the grand finale, but my wretch lil camera broke.
I painted the door stop to blend and added some fresh flowers and wicker balls.



  1. Well, look at YOU Sharla! Your sister's must be so proud! Good Job!

  2. Love it, the black just pops against that wall color!

  3. Sharla...I feel you pain. But look at your adorable entry now!! Lookin' FAB!

  4. TWO BUCKS! Where are you garage saleing! Sooooo cute!

  5. Wowee! It's amazing how just a few thrifty touches can redo an area. Like night and day! The fresh flowers and wicker balls certainly added a sweet touch. Very welcoming and cute!

  6. I love it Sharla you did a great job!!! I have never been able to find cheap great finds. I will keep looking you inspire me!!

  7. You have a postage stamp foyer, just like me. looks great. We actually had to empty ours because we are selling and we didn't want to emphasize how small it is. Good job.


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