Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tasty Tuesdays: Perfect Asparagus

Is asparagus grown-up food?  I never liked it when I was a kid, but now it's, like, the most delectable vegetable on earth.  It takes three years to grow your own so that it will keep coming back, and we are on year two.  I can't wait to harvest as much as I want for days on end.

In the mean time, this is my favorite way to prepare asparagus.  It goes especially well with Oven-fried Chicken Monterey.


  1. Delish BEc! We LURVE asparagus too! We use a dash of vinegar too! yummmmmmmm!!!

  2. I LOVE asparagus. And that is the exact recipe I use as well :)

    Mmm I wish I had some now!

  3. I've never tried having a dish with pure asparagus all in all. It sounds quite good thought, and healthy of course.

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  4. I LOVE asparagus. I could eat it every day. Try coating with olive oil and good salt first but instead cook in oven or convection oven really high temp like 375 or 400 till asparagus is to liking, and then toss on some grated Parmesan and cook till melted. It adds that charbroiled taste. It is amazing too!!

  5. I just made some awesome asparagus too- toss with olive oil, pepper, and a bit of dill weed-roast at 450 degrees for EXACTLY 9 minutes:_)

  6. Going to try it!!! Looks yummy~


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