Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Fever

Is anyone else in complete Spring FEVER mode?
I have been cleaning, scouring, scrubbing, list making, and wanting to tackle little projects here and there that spruce up the rooms.
One project I have been dying to redo is my willows in my bedroom. I mean maybe it is just me, but it seems outdated already!
I like the drama the branches create against the wall. 
But can we say blah!?

I tried to remove them completely but it looked wrong.
So I took them outside with my trusty bff ....
...yep you guessed it,

After several coats of spray paint and patiently waiting for these branches to dry ,
(o.k. there really  isn't a patient bone in me when I am creating. I want it done now and quickly. Sooooo maybe they were still tacky when I moved them in...tehe...shhhh...don't tell!) 
, they were ready to display.


Best part....FREE-NINETY-FREE....... 
just re purposed  an old fav to be a new colored fav!


  1. I love what you can do with spray paint, Bonnie! The white branches do look fresh and bold.

    Let me ask you a really pointed question, but one that comes to mind every time I visit this great blog and look at the gorgeous pictures of all y'all's rooms: how do you stay on top of dusting???

    As soon as I make some cute arrangement of items on a shelf or table, the dust clouds gather and rain down dust everywhere.

    Do you have any tips?

  2. See thats what Im talking about! Reuse, Recycle, Reporpose! I love it and if you get tired of the white you can spray them black for a dramatic look for the fall/winter season. I love love spray paint! Looks great!

  3. lovin the look that creates!!! I'd like one in a corner of our living room with maybe some paper punched butterflies :)

  4. Drab to Fab

    My name is Crystal and I have a craft blog I came across your blog while doing a little surfing tonight and I decided to pass on the stylish blog award to you! Congrats! Everything you need to know is on my blog. I love your willows. I had to show them to my husband so he could see the look I was going for. I have been wanting some for my living room but with little lights on them. Ahh someday.
    Great job on your blog!

  5. Love it Bonnie! Unfortunately we up in Idaho can't be in spring fever cleaning mode yet, what with snow showing up every other morning, and the temperature not reaching above 55 degrees... but trust me, I have been itching to get some of my furniture out in my garage where I can let my creative juices flow! And of course, I will post once these projects are underway! :)


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