Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Book Wreaths

Saw these on Pinterest and had to tweak it and make our own.

Things you will need:
Foam Pipe Cover
Duct Tape
An Old book (Or new book & ink the edges)
Hot Glue Gun - I found out the hard way, get a LOW TEMP gun.  A high temp glue gun will burn through your foam!!!

Foam Pipe Covers.  INEXPENSIVE way to do a wreath. $2.95 for a pack of 4 at Walmart!  Bend into a cirle, and Duct Tape ends together.

Fold page into an S.  Glue one end to foam. Do not crease the folds, (Unless you want a zigzag look instead of a flowing look.)
First layer of pages. Hot glue to foam.  The more overlap, the closer your pages, the fuller your wreath.

Flip the wreath over.  Your first layer becomes the BACK of your wreath (so it will lay flat against the wall)

After first layer, you can fold the ends to make pages stick out in the direction you want.  

Keep going layer by layer until you are satisfied.

as you near the final layers, your foam will become covered up (You could also hot glue a ribbon along the inside to hide the foam.

You don't have to add anything to the wreath, they are gorgeous by themselves.  But I wanted to hang something in the middle of mine.  Since it is going above my bed, I decided the word LOVE printed on an extra page of the book would be great in a frame.

center your book page on a regular sheet of paper and put in your printer!

spray paint a frame to the color of your choice.  I simply glued my frame to the wreath itself, but you could get fancy and hang it with a ribbon!

Finished product on an old door for decor

Finished product on an old window & frame added to middle!


  1. Love this wreath. It really looks fabulous!


  2. It turned out so cute!! I love how you added the frame to it, simply gorgeous Katie and Sharla!

  3. Your wreath is super cute! I love the inexpensive foam pipe covers, I picked up some of the longer ones at Lowe's for less than a dollar :) I never would've thought about putting the cute frame in the middle :)


  4. Hi, Nicole here from Romanian Princess. I love your blog, I'm your newest follower! Please come stop by my blog and if you like it, PLEASE follow! Thanks!


    XoXo Nicole Mariana

  5. Great idea. Now I have a use for all those old encyclopedias I inherited!

  6. Awesome and easy-to-do idea! Wish me luck on mine.



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