Friday, November 11, 2011

Brown Paper Packages

I wanted to show you all of the ways to use recycled grocery bags all at once, but some of my craft supplies are buried in the mountain of remodeling stuff. 
So I will have to show you a few ways over the course of the next few weeks!
Start asking your grocery boy to bag your food in paper bags now, so you can have a great stock pile to wrap with!

This first way is SUPER easy. 
So let's do a homemade gift bag, shall we?

First, get one of your old grocery bags out.
 Next, cut it in half.
 Third, get an old empty cereal box. 
(Start collecting them)
Make sure to take out the lining and cut off the top tabs!
Next,  cover your box with your grocery bag that has the words turned in!
 Now on to decorating. 
The possibilities could be endless. 
But I just pulled out a simple stencil packet I had purchased a while back. 
(Got it at Walmart for $1.97, and it has all the stencils pictured)
 Simply stencil the stencil of choice on the front of your gift bag, stuff your box with the presents you will be giving, and add some tissue paper.
I wanted to add a cute ribbon handle, but all my ribbon  is in that remodeling pile somewhere. 
So you will just have to envision it!

A perfect recycled way to wrap!
The best part of the box is that it stands so perfectly.
Happy Wrapping~


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