Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Old Book Page Wrapping

Super easy wrapping.  Using Old book pages (Or new book pages inked up.)  Our favorite place to go to find inexpensive old books is Deseret Industries.  (click link to see our cool D.I. blog) 

start with empty boxes - croutons have a ziplock top, the rest have lids or easy open/close tops.

There are several ways you can wrap.  Be creative and come up with your own!!! I like using a glue runner (like for scrapbooking) as my adhesive.

#1: lay book pages out straight.  Don't worry about overlap. You don't need to cut it, you can either tuck it under, or let page you glue down on other side line up with the overlap! 

I keep old tags from jeans we buy.  simply cover with a book page, and cut around the outside for a perfect fit (Or wrap page all the way around the tag.)
Ink the edges/middle.  Use Hole punch to attach the tag. Add an inked christmas tree and VOILA!  Crouton bag done! 

#2: you can crumple a book page & then after you uncrumple, ink the creases.

It will look like this when it's inked.

Add to surface

and I like layering some packages with pages in different directions!

Spray paint lid to christmas color of your choice!

#3: strips of paper.
Ink each strip before gluing down to surface.

#4: Full pages.  don't ink until after they've been glued down.  Only ink the creases of the box!

And now a little Book Page Christmas Bow Tutorial.  Super easy.  I'm going to make a lot of these!!!
Strips of paper.  Inked and folded from both ends into the middle.  Staple. and repeat.

do as many layers as you'd like.

Once you reach the top, start folding to make loops stand up!

If making it a permanent part of your gift.  curl two strips of paper and staple to top of box.

staple finished bow on top of your curled ribbons. and you're done!!!

Finished Products!!!!  (although I think I am going to add more bows to the rest of them!) 
The Great thing about the packages I chose is I can re-use them EVERY YEAR!!!  Stay tuned later this week for an Inexpensive Christmas Present Idea using book pages!!! Happy Wrapping!!!


  1. Must get out all my old books now. Bookmarking you gals

  2. Nicely done Katie! I am so adding this to the list of wrapping items I need to get! Plus I loved that you used old containers. GEnius!!

  3. Love this! I've got it linked to my gift wrapping post too today, for inspiration!~


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