Saturday, February 11, 2012

Easy DIY table runner

I am LOVING burlap!!
 Obsessed might be a better word! 
I have tons of plans to use lots of this natural goodness all over my home.
I had this black table runner before.(Above pic) 
I love it, but definitely want more neutrals and greens in my kitchen too.
So I decided that a burlap runner would be perfect!

What to do
First, cut your burlap to the length of your table and width you would like.
 Next, simply fray the hem required!
Finally choose some sort of accent fabric. 
I choose black lace, 'cause lets face it...lace is also an obsession!
Simply cut 4 strip of lace the width of your runner and sew them down. 
I had my mom sew it for me.
If you don't sew I bet you could use sewing glue as well!
 Simple, easy, and the perfect look for any home!
Now to tackle these projects...YIKES....I need more energy!
What have you been working on?



  1. Love the ideas and can't wait to see them all finished!!

  2. Beautiful and clever! I plan to do one with cream colored lace. Maybe even a pearl trim. Thank you for the great ideas!!


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