Friday, February 28, 2014

Picture Frame Makeover

I had to squeeze as many spray painting projects as I possibly could in, yesterday, when we had beautiful weather. My house didn't get cleaned, my bed didn't get made, and to be honest I didn't get ready all day, but I was able to get quite a few projects done. So it felt like it was a "win, win" situation.

Have you visted i heart naptimes site? 
They have some pretty great ideas and some fabulous free printables too!
I found this beautiful printable for my kitchen. 

A guest blogger, Jessica from Pen and Paper Flowers, designed it.

I knew I needed it right away for my kitchen.
So I went out to my trusty frame bin and found a 8x10 frame.
Not a bad color to begin with, but I wanted a white frame.
So I grab some white spray paint {white and black spray paints are great colors to just always keep on hand} and gave this frame a quick coat.
{I am pretty sloppy when I spray paint. Especially when I know I will be sanding what I am working on to antique it. It does not matter if it is perfect }

Here it is, after a light sanding to expose the original frame colors.

After I wiped off the dust with an unused sponge brush, my picture was ready to be framed and displayed.
The best part of this window display is that all the decor was either free or purchased at a thrift shop.
The frame was free { I had it on hand}
The white vase was .75 cents
The greenery was $2.00
The tall green vase was $2.00
The fruit stand was $1.00

Now for some curtains and another beautiful day so I can spray paint the fruit stand as well!

What projects have you been working on?

Until next time,


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  1. I am always amazed at what a little srpay paint can do. It changed the whole look. Thanks for sharing.


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