Thursday, December 10, 2009

Spray Paint Does Wonders

I am sure by now that part of my memory loss is due to the high amounts of Krylon, spray paint, and other aerosol products I use! But come on people, a few brain cells sacrificed to make something better is worth it right?!

I have been wanting some stocking ledge sitters for awhile now. But why do they all have to be in chintzy gold or silver? And not to mention they are $7-$9 each! And I need six! So I have been trying to find them. Finally, I found one. I know just one! But hey it is a start!

Chintzy Gold ( but this puppy is a heavy duty stocking holders)

A little white spray paint later~

The white will pop with my bold red stockings!

I have also been busy mass producing our Make and Take Craft~

It's tonight and I can't wait!
Hopefully tomorrow I will have more time to post a few more projects!
Happy Spraying Everyone!


  1. I love it! I am always looking for stocking hangers! All they have at our DI is fish and cat ones, and since I don't own either, it doesn't really work!I can't wait to see hoe the crafts turn out! Keep us posted!

  2. Ooh, boogity! I wish I was in your ward! I need someone who knows what trendy, cute, and MODERN crafts look like. No more macrame at super Saturday, people. Can you make five of those and mail them to me?


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