Thursday, December 9, 2010


I am more than slightly obsessed with candlesticks.
I'll admit it!
I buy them like they are going out of style.
But I never pay more than .75 cents for a candlestick either.

 I am a HUGE fan of mixing patterns, textures, and styles.
So I let my sister pick out the candlesticks she wanted.......

....and then I grouped a few together myself for a makeover!
(mine are a mixture of wood and metal)

 Sharla choose a burnt orange spray paint.

 Isn't it such a rich and luxurious color?

 And I did mine in a basic off brand high gloss white!

We both sanded the edges and distressed our candlesticks with colorbox scrapbook ink.

Lastly, we applied a clear coat over top and now both have a fabulous set of candlesticks!!

( I need to convince Sharla to take a picture if hers for you to see displayed!!)

I mixed and matched my new white candlesticks with some glass ones, for a perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece!!


  1. They look great! I'm headed to Goodwill tonight for some treasure hunting! :)

  2. Hey I love your blog! I never was a follower because well... I don't follow any blogs! But I followed your's today!

  3. spray paint is a girls best friend!

  4. Love your white candlesticks. They look so pretty on your table.


  5. Bon, I'm swooning over these! And your Thanksgiving table was fabular!

  6. Hmmmm you've just given me a great idea for some gawdy black and silver candle sticks I have. Thanks!!
    Megs :)

  7. Great! You are getting closer to 1000 followers! Congrats! I always enjoy your projects!

    Love your updated candlesticks. Especially after you sanded and distressed them!

  8. I'm not really a blogger, more the busy store owner. Due to time reasons I just can't keep the blog updated as I should. I hardly never followed any blogs but you know, I will follow yours. My Google Reader is dusted in quite a bit anyway. ;)
    I'm sure you will reach the 1,000 this week.

    Now what concerns your post so I would have picked the color white for the set of candle sticks too. White is very elegant, even more with the sanded edges that give them the Shabby Chic look.

    Keep going girl!
    Best Regards
    Paula Jo


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