Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wretchid to Dainty

Oh my goodness! 
I found the ugliest and chintziest looking jewlery box at the thrift store. 
Only .50 cents.
It is heavy and I knew it had potential. 
But after I bought it, it has just sat in my "to do" pile. 
I kept looking at it and lost all hope that it would ever be pretty!

(Enter my sister Sharla!)
"Hey Bonnie, let's do something fabulous with this!"
Me "Be my guest. I got it for a good deal but now wonder what I was thinking!"
So she snatched it up and rummaged through my spray paint bin.

She pulled out this luscious berry pink color!  
(Oh I do love that one)
Then she took the jewelry box outside and started to revamp it.
Of course, I forgot to get a picture of the whole thing before she redid it. 
But you will get the idea from the below picture!
(I'm cringing)
 Pretty nasty huh?
But after a coat or two of this luscious spray....
 And some Rub n' Buff ...
(click on Rub n' Buff to go straight to the site. A little tube goes a LOooooNG ways)
which is a fantastic way to add some pizazz.

You get a beautiful and dainty finished project! 

Thanks Shar! 
My girls are going to love!!!


  1. Lurve! Can't wait to use my rub n buff! So cute Bon! You should have saved it for Christmas!


  2. Oooh, Lovely! I'm a huge fan of this rub and buff stuff! I definitely need to give it a try!

  3. just further proves my point that pink makes EVERYTHING better! :)
    tai @ taidye original

  4. LOVE it!!! I have never heard of the rub and buff stuff- I am going to have to get some!

  5. It is for Christmas. The girls haven't seen it yet! I know my daughter will love it!!


  6. Thanks for telling me about your blog Bonnie! I have been following it and love you ideas. My daughter wants a bulletin board for Christmas. I will for sure be hitting up the DI looking for a cute "bear" one like you found! What a great idea. Thanks for sharing your creativity with everyone.

  7. Love it! Pink does make everything better. I just really discovered spray paint, and now I wonder why I haven't used it before?! It's AMAZING! Loving the jewelry box!

  8. Love it as always Bon! I wish I could come spend the week so you can teach me all your tricks. :)

  9. YEA!! Glad you hit 1000! Love you guys and all your fantabulous ideas!

  10. Dang Becki- I just saw a nice big one! It was only $1.00 too- I will call you if I see one too when I am out hunting.:)

  11. lurv the "crapping" i mean crafting.


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