Thursday, April 7, 2011

More fun with Vinyl

These next  project was a breeze to create!
Once again my lovely sis-in-law cut the vinyl for me.

 INITIAL frame.
I have wanted to make something like this since I first saw something similar on my friends brilliant blog here at Shabby 2 Sweet

So I bought an old DI 5x7 frame and spray painted it black!
I then had my sis-in-law design me a fancy shmancy cutout of my hubsters and my initials.
I found some old yellow card stock, cut it down to size, and crinkled it up.
Then using scrapbook ink, I inked up the crinkles to give it an antique feel.
(*You could use the process in the  below post too*)

Next I assembled my frame with the glass and vinyl, and added the paper for the backing. 

I loved the way she designed our initials so much I had her cut me two.
Now to decide what color frame to do for the next one!


  1. My favorite thing about this post is that you spelled "voila" correctly!

    Also, I love B&B Bunnell.


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