Friday, April 8, 2011

Vinyl as Labels

O.k. I promise for now just ONE MORE vinyl creation.
I am in LOVE with labels.
I obsessively label everything. 
So as you can imagine while my sis-in-law was slaving away for me on her Cricut, of course, I had her cut me a gazillion labels.
But my favs are for my baskets.

 I found some DI wallet sized frames awhile ago for my baskets.
I spray painted them Ivory
 Sanded and scuffed them afterwards.
Found some old scrapbook paper and cut out the paper to be framed.
Then rubbed on my new number labels!
And hot glued the frame to my entertainment center baskets.


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  1. Love the numbered labels you have made. I love love love vinyl too!!!

  2. What a great idea! I love the cabinet and what you have done with it.

  3. Ok Ok I LOVE LOVE LOVE.... IM Totally with you on the spring clean thing 100% I have BIG HUGE Plans for my pantry... BUT Um where did she get such cute fonts for the cricut! I wish I could just cut my own stuff!!! A little birdy said its possible... Can we discuss this please!??

  4. Cute idea, I am going to have to watch for little frames like those!!!! I love to up-cycle anything and everything!

  5. I love the look! DI frames ROCK! ...ok, so I LOVE Becca's new sidebar much better than the first one where she looked like she was being held 'blog hostage' by her younger sisters! :) ...NOW I see the family resemblance, you all are beautiful! Love your ideas and blog. I feel like part of the family, and I'm already the youngest of 9!

  6. Love Love Love! I seriously want to invest in a vinyl cutter for home. I would use it every day of my life (and then of course I could cut goodies for you when you needed them) sigh... someday! :)


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