Thursday, April 7, 2011

Inexpensive Antiqued Qoute Ideas

1st~ Type up all the poems, quotes, or sayings that you like. (I just printed mine out on regular printer paper, but you could use card stock too)

2nd~ Cut the poem or qoute to the size of the frame you have.

3rd~ Crumple the paper  into a ball and then unfold it, so it is nice and crinkled.


4th- Spray stain your poem or quote. 
( I use Design Master spray satin from Roberts. You could use regular stain, although the spray stain drys in seconds. Or even dip your paper in tea to give it a old weathered look. The more crinkled your paper is the better the creases will appear darker.)


5th~ Paint your frames the color you want them. (I bought dollar store frames that were ugly and just spray painted them with a high gloss black spray paint.*hint* High gloss makes it not look like spray paint. So my frames cost me $1.00 each. I also found some bigger 5x7 frames at the DI for .75 cents each and spray painted them too!) Sand your frames down a little around the edges if you like that look too!

6th~ Frame your quotes and enjoy!!


  1. oh i like these did you google for quotes?

  2. I just LOVE these antiqued quotes! What an easy and inexpensive idea. I am doing a mini feature this afternoon and sending my readers over!

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