Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ali see....ALI CREATE!

 Ok, so I was wandering around Big Lots and saw THIS GOODIE! 
 I almost bought it, because really $12 buck is an AWESOME price, but the wheels started turning in my head.  I have been wanting to add a couple different blues to the color scheme in my family room to knock out the barnyard feel I have going on in there. It has felt  a little DRAB  in my depressed state!
  So I decided to create my own.
AND I really wanted 8 birds since that is how many is in our family!

Here is what I decided to paint! 
Brian and I are the LOVELY Lovey BIRDS and all our 6 kids are a different color.
 It's not perfect but I LOVE IT!!!!
What do you think?


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