Thursday, April 17, 2014

DIY Suspenders...

DRAB 2 FAB Suspenders
 Inspired by my spunky, five year old tomboy!

Dressing her is often times challenging. She only wants to wear her brothers hand-me-downs, & she is as stubborn as they come about what she wears. {She must get that from her dad!:)}
She has her own little fashion sense that we like to call,...
"Finley's Fashion"!
 It's  eh..rrr.. interesting, to say the least! 

Let me just share what the second she gets home from school looks like.
  Back pack on the floor, stripped down to her underwear and immediately changes into a polo shirt, buttoned all the way up & with a popped collar {YIKES!}, her brothers tie, basketball shorts, and "woody" {cowboy} boots! Oh, and how could I forget her fake glasses with the lens popped out.?
{These ones are actually a 3D pair from the movies!} 
Just writing about it cracks me up! 
I admit, I was a little up tight about the whole self expression thing at first. Mostly for fear she would be teased for her outrageous choices. But I have, in time, totally embraced it.
 I love that she knows who she is, and she is completely comfortable expressing it!
Although I don't let her wear her after school getup when we go out, we have found a balance where she can express herself while still looking adorbs!

I was so in love when all the cute bow ties for girls became the trend. Mainly because I knew Sundays would be easier to get her dressed If  she could wear one with her shirt and skirt. The tie under her dress every week, was finally solved!
 That's where the idea of the suspenders came in. Another Sunday accessory  bribery!
 I knew I could get away with them being a little more girly, so long as she got to choose the majority of her ensemble. PERFECT! A Win/Win! 

So here is how it's done! 

First, I measured the length from her hip, right where her pants sit, to the top of her cute little tush. 
{Going over each shoulder the way suspender do.} 
I made sure to add an inch extra on each side to sew the buckle on. 

Then, I gathered my Materials!
Stretching Elastic Waste Band, {color & width of your choosing}
Old piece of Clothing {I used a 12 month old dress with a rip in it}...
 or a Quarter Yard of any cute fabric
 A Sewing Machine with thread to match your fabric
Old suspenders {what I used}, or a package of four Suspender Clips
 Old Buttons or Beads

The old Dress with a rip.:( I saved it because I was so in love with the fabric.
Gotta ♥ her disgusted look on the right, when I told her what we were using it for she said, "GROSSNESS"!

I cut her measurement to two matching pieces of Stretchy Elastic Band, then I cut the fabric to the width of each piece of elastic.
Next, I sewed one straight line down the middle of the fabric holding it in place.
You can create any look you want before sewing it permanently. I chose the ruffled effect!
{Anytime I can get away with frilly, I will!}
{Keep in mind I left an inch and a half up front for the clip to be sewn on, and about two and a half inches in the back for stretch and also for a clip.}
I added a skinny layer of fabric down the middle again, for more ruffle, and a cute button near the clip on all  four ends.

We have one very silly and very excited 5 yr. old! Can you stand the cute factor!?

Or the ENORMOUS amount of personality this girl  tomboy has!? For days!

Now to make them for all my girls. And in every color!
Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you love them as much as I do!

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